2016 Conference

AdJASA’s 2016 conference was held in Durban on 11 – 12 February 2016.

The conference theme of ‘Taking stock of the state of administrative justice’ was discussed during the following programme.


‘Taking stock of the state of administrative justice’

 Salt Rock Hotel, KZN, 11–12 February 2016

All sessions in plenary except where indicated otherwise.

Day 1: Thursday 11 February

13h30: Arrival and registration

14h30: Welcome: Hugh Corder

14h45 Session 1: Administrative-law relief

Chair: Cora Hoexter

Michael Kidd: ’Some thoughts on administrative appeals’

Carol Steinberg & Nick Ferreira: ‘Juggernaut or precision instrument? Remedy after Allpay’

Alistair Price: ’The future of state liability in South Africa’

16h15–16h30: Tea

16h30 Session 2: Keynote address

Chair: Hugh Corder

Justice Zak Yacoob: ‘Rationality, the rule of law and the separation of powers’

*    *

Day 2: Friday 12 February

08h30 Session 3: The courts’ approaches to judicial review of administrative action

Chair: Helena van Coller

Geo Quinot & Petrus Maree: ‘A decade and a half of deference’

Radley Henrico: ‘Non-compliance with the PAJA in South African administrative law: What                                     are the consequences?’

Melanie Murcott: ‘No method to this madness: The lack of a coherent approach in choosing                                            a pathway to judicial review of public power’

10h00–10h15: Tea

10h15 Session 4: Procedural fairness and access to information

Chair: Geo Quinot

Stuart Scott & Steven Budlender: ‘Rationality review and the Constitutional Court’s game of                                                                     procedural fairness peekaboo’

Cora Hoexter: ‘Beyond promises and past practices: The basis for a legitimate expectation’

Paul Swanepoel: ‘Cynicism and the rule of law: Gaining access to the Khampepe Report’

11h45 Session 5: AdJASA general meeting

Chair: Hugh Corder

To review the constitution of AdJASA and to elect office-bearers

12h45: Lunch

13h00: Lunch-time meeting of law teachers

Helena van Coller: ‘Evaluating courses in administrative law: A case study’

14h00 Session 6: Panel discussion on current challenges in the pursuit of administrative justice and the road ahead

Chair: Michael Kidd

Panel: Justice Zak Yacoob, Hugh Corder, Firoz Cachalia, 4th panellist TBC

15h15: Closing: Hugh Corder

15h30: Departure

*    *    *