AdJASA Regular General Meeting 2021

The AdJASA Regular General Meeting (“RGM”)  was held in March and this was followed by a guest lecture by Edwin Cameron.  

The AdJASA General Meeting will be held every 18 months and for this reason will be referred to as the “Regular General Meeting” rather than the “Annual General Meeting”.

At the RGM:

  • the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting were adopted;
  • reports were presented by the President, the Treasurer and the Chairperson of the Special Interest Group on Public Procurement;
  • the amendments to the AdJASA Constitution were ratified; and
  • new office bearers were elected.

The ADJASA executive for 2021/2022 is as follows:

  • Hugh Corder (President)
  • Cora Hoexter (Vice President)
  • Prelisha Singh (Vice President)
  • Megan Adderley (Secretary)
  • Radley Henrico (Treasurer)
  • Peter Volmink
  • Karrisha Pillay SC
  • Siya Mahlangu
  • Helena Van Coller
  • Geo Quinot

Should you wish to view a recording of the RGM you can do so here.