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Administrative justice means the pursuit and achievement of accountability under the rule of law for the exercise of public power and the performance of public functions, both through the law and through other means of review.

Whilst there is no bright line between public and private law, administrative law, which forms the core of public law, occupies a special place in our jurisprudence. It is an incident of the separation of powers under which courts regulate and control the exercise of public power by the other branches of government. It is built on constitutional principles which define the authority of each branch of government, their inter-relationship and the boundaries between them.

(Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of South Africa and Another: In re Ex Parte President of the Republic of South Africa and Others [2000] ZACC 1 at para 45 per Chaskalson CJ)

AdJASA is an association with the broad aim of promoting administrative justice in South Africa. Membership is open to anyone that shares the objects of the association.